Developing an architecture culture one step at a time, the circus is a critical thought forum and a banner for a growing collection of architectural projects, exhibitions, expressions and events.


As space designers we have the goal to employ design and research in order to put spatial themes on the agenda and to illustrate the spatial consequences of societal developments. We do this by means of design proposals, installations and exhibitions. This way we question the contemporary society, social standards and hot-topics. Our medium is a provocative, multi-sensory spatial experience, formally unambiguous, but in their layeredness open for interpretation. Our fascination is how spatial design, architecture in particular, shapes the human condition. 


Our team consists of a group of young ambitious architects that graduated from TU Eindhoven in 2019. Currently we all work in leading architecture offices in the Netherlands.

Justin Agyin (1994)

Lennart Arpots (1993)

Yang Bai (1994)

Thom Cornelissen (1995)
The Architecture Circus
Het Architectuurcircus
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