Architecture in a Hyper-liquid world

This exhibition is a collaboration with our friends at Critical Intermediate Affairs and students of the faculty of architecture at TU Eindhoven, and was on view in the main exhibition of the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2021.

It sounds futuristic, but it’s no science-fiction at all: computers might soon exceed the computational capacities of the human brain. The key driver behind this development is artificial intelligence, affecting our physical and virtual realms to such an extent that we as humans experience the world of technologies as a vital source or even as our second nature.

The key hypothesis of discussion is that the inexorable influence of artificial relations and technological innovations will have a serious impact on the development of new architectural artifacts, especially with respect to architectural typologies. This is stimulated by the merging of worlds in cybertopia (the state of technology), ecotopia (the state of sustainability), and hedotopia (the state of pleasure). Like our bodies, buildings, and cities are being retrofitted with technology to gain dynamic intelligence and contextual awareness, how might we, as designers, provide visions of new architectural typologies? With this discussion, we aim to question what habitation means in a world that is increasingly dictated by digital technologies and robotics.