Dieu est dans la machine

TU/e Hoofdgebouw in renovation, or Mies’ Seagram Building dissected on Corbusier’s concrete table…

Dieu est dans la machine

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Graduation project of Justin Agyin (June 6, 2019) Rotterdam Havenstad is no more and the westward move of the port has allowed for the city to reengage with its waters. DATAPOLIS is part of an urban intervention on Katendrecht that explores how Rotterdam could alternatively reengage with the water in former port areas and does […]

The Collapse

Unfinished project proposal for the Koolhaas Masterclass on the occasion of 25 years Kunsthal. Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2 November 2017By Justin Agyin & Lennart Arpots As a critical response to the collapse of the NAi on 1 January 2013 and the subsequent construction of MVRDV’s eyecatchy Depot in the Rotterdam Museumpark, The Collapse envisions recreating the […]
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